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Everything under ONE roof!
By popular demand, we will be offering items for kids of ALL ages under one roof. You will find clothing, shoes and accessories for Boys (sizes Infant to Youth size 20) and Girls (sizes Infant to Youth size 10 - Girls size 12 and up are handled at our Rock It event). You will also find toys, books, games, electronics, baby equipment, children's furniture, nursery decor and more!

A LONGER sale!
The Snuggle Bugs sale will stretch over heard it...TWO weekends! With two full sets of presale events AND public sale days, consignors will have more opportunity than ever to sell all of their great items!

Inventory RESTOCK
Shoppers always ask us if we will be getting more items in and...NOW WE WILL! We will restock our inventory with THOUSANDS of additional items after the first weekend of the sale. The sale will continue through another set of presales AND another weekend to the public, allowing ALL consignors to have a great sales performance. How it will work...The first 250 consignors to sign up will drop off at the first consignor drop off. Once we have filled those consignor slots, consignors will be part of the RESTOCK and drop off their items during the restock time frame. Please see the Dates & Times tab for details.

Preemie Sizes Accepted
We had a successful test run last season with PREEMIE clothing items and will continue to carry that size for this and future sales.

New shopping perks!
Snuggle Bugs participants are invited to shop early at Rock It and Rock It participants are invited to shop early at Snuggle Bugs. Come join the fun! Please see the Dates & Times tab for details.

TEAM UP to qualify for Team Snuggle Bugs!
This option has always been available, but not all participants are aware of it. We often have Mother/Daughter teams and Husband/Wife teams who split the hours required for Team Snuggle Bugs and share the work! This is easy to do. Just sign up for all shifts as usual and drop us a note to let us know WHO will be completing the shifts. Our guy helpers love the drop off, sort, and break down shifts the most. Please note that this is NOT a way for friends or sisters to sign up together. Only ONE party is eligible for the higher consignor payout and early shopping privileges that are allotted and photo ID is required for all presale events.

Earn Team Snuggle Bugs Volunteer Credit for Hours worked at Rock It
We have just made it easier for Team Snuggle Bugs members to get their hours! Hours worked during the Rock It event can be awarded to your Snuggle Bugs account. This takes a bit of coordination and trickery with the system, so drop me an email if you are interested and we'll get you all set up.

Get Your Labels in the Mail!
If the label pick up is inconvenient for you because you live a distance from the event venue or simply cannot fit it in your schedule, we can help! To save you some time, we can mail your labels to you OR you can opt to pick up labels for multiple events at the same time, saving you any extra trips.

How It Works:
• Have Your Labels sent to you: Once you have FINALIZED your data entry, please go to your Consignor Menu and select the ‘Mail My Labels Form’ option at the bottom of the menu. Complete the form by including all events/consignor codes you require. The cost of mailing (usually under $2) will be deducted from your final payment check. Please keep in mind that tagging gun kits and other supplies are available ONLY at the label pick up and cannot be mailed. If you are in need of these items, please plan to come to the label pick up. Labels will be mailed the day following the label pick. All requests must be made BEFORE this time.

• Pick up labels for Snuggle Bugs & Rock It at the same time (just one trip!): When the events are announced for the season, both systems are ready for data entry by consignors. You can finish ALL of your data entry by the FIRST label pick up and get ALL of your labels at once. We will just need a heads up so that we know to have your labels printed for pick up.

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